Montessori vs Traditional Education: What’s the Difference?

Montessori vs traditional education: What do parents need to know? What’s the difference between Montessori and traditional elementary schools?  As parents begin to look for the right school for their child, they have many questions. Oftentimes, they begin to wonder what the difference is between a Montessori classroom and a traditional elementary classroom. Moreover, they want to understand what sets the program apart and why those differences matter. Finally, they want to know which is a better fit for their child.  As you look for educational opportunities for your child, selecting a private school often depends on where you live.

Private School Search: 5 Mistakes Many Make

As parents start their private school search, they aren’t always sure how to begin. When you aren’t familiar with the field, it’s easy to waste time and make mistakes. However, it’s crucial to find the right school for your children.  Below, we look at 5 mistakes everyone makes when they start their private school search. Whether you want to find a classical school or a Montessori academy, we want to offer some advice to guide you in the right direction.  Here are some of the most common pitfalls people encounter when they look at private schools.  #1 Focusing Solely on

Small Class Sizes: Why Is Class Size Important?

The small class sizes of a classical school are one of the main reasons so many parents opt for a private school. Oftentimes, private schools offer more individual attention because the classes have fewer students.  While many parents know that class size is important, they don’t always know the full benefits of smaller classes. Below, we take a look at a few core reasons to opt for a smaller classroom. #1 Shy Students Can’t Hide Imagine your child in a larger class with 30-35 students. Perhaps your child struggles with math. Maybe most of the other students struggle with it

STEAM vs STEM: What’s the Difference?

STEAM vs STEM, what’s the difference? How do they change your child’s educational path? What should you prioritize as a parent?  For many educational institutions, there’s an increased need to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts with the arts (the A in STEAM). This integration functions across the entirety of some curriculums, bring creativity into other fields of study.  As an array of industries broadcast the need for future employees to be more flexible, with broader skills, the STEAM vs STEM debate takes over. Often, teachers in STEAM settings see students gain a better understanding of the connections

Importance of Education: Building a Strong Foundation

When it comes to the importance of education, there’s no better start than a strong foundation. Simply ask any homeowner how important the foundation is to the home. Likely, they’ll tell you how much it costs to fix a broken foundation.  When you hear the horror stories people have to go through, it’s clear that the slab of concrete beneath your home is vital to its structure. If it sustains damage, it causes cracks to show throughout the home, derailing future sails or even leading to a complete reconstruction.  As these literal foundations are important, so too are our metaphorical

How to Keep Children Safe Online

Online safety is a serious matter, and it’s crucial for parents to know how to keep children safe online. Oftentimes, the statistics are panic-inducing and staggering.  Under the age of 10, roughly 9 out 10 children spend time on the internet in some capacity.  Out of every 5 children, 1 has experienced inappropriate solicitation online.  Of every 4 children, 1 has seen adult content in some form.  For teenagers, roughly 6 out of 10 have received a direct message or an email from a stranger.  Among those teens, half replied to that message.  The Internet offers us constant access to