Tuition, Fees & Policies

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For full information, see the Contract Tuition Rates, the Tuition Contract, and the Payment Plan.

I. ADMISSION FEE: Application Fee: The Application Fee, for new applicants only, is $100 per student, due with the application. This fee is non-refundable. It gives the student waiting list status.

II. ANNUAL FEE: Registration Payment: The Registration Payment is due for the coming school year to reserve a place. Places will not be held until the payment is paid, and it is not refundable. Registration payment amounts are listed on the Contract Tuition Rate sheet. It is not applied to tuition.

III. TUITION: Tuition, paid in advance, is paid annually. Tuition is not refundable except in the case of the family moving out of the Greater Houston Metropolitan area or the child’s medical disability, with documentation. There is no reduction in tuition for holidays or a student’s absence.

Tuition Annually: Tuition paid in one annual payment is due May 1st, for attendance from June through May. For the School Year only the annual payment is due May 1st and attendance is later August through May, according to the school calendar

Drop-in Attendance: Additional hours or days are available for contracted students, if space allows, in addition to the contracted period. Drop-in may not be available for children if academic classes are in session.

Holidays: The school is closed for days listed on the Annual Calendar.

Non-academic Days: The school is open these holiday and teacher in-service days, but academic classes are not in session. These days are included in your tuition at no extra charge.


Family Discounts: Discounts are applied to all siblings enrolled: A 10% discount is given for two children, and a 15% discount is given for three children or more under contract.

FAST Financial Aid: Students in elementary or middle school may qualify for financial aid. Parent User Guides for FAST, financial aid software by Independent School Management, are available in the school office. Click Here to Apply Online for FAST Financial Aid.

Employer Discounts: The schools have an Employer Partnership plan whereby all employees will receive a 20% discount off annual Registration Fees if their employer participates. To participate, tell Laurel Welkey whom to contact in your organization.

Referral Credit: When new registration forms list a current family as the referral, a credit will be made to the current parent’s account for the amount of the registration fee. The referral fee is only appied to the parent account. It will be applied to the account after the referred child has attended one month.

V. Payment Methods: Payment is by check, money order, or in cash with prior arrangement.

Statements: After the end of the calendar year a statement will be given showing all charges for the year for income tax or employee reimbursement plan (cafeteria plan) purposes. The statement includes the tax ID# for childcare provider.


Instrument Lessons: These are available with lessons as scheduled per week during academic weeks and two months only in the summer. Parents register at the Business Office, not with the teacher. Piano and voice are offered now and violin will be offered upon sufficient demand. Make-up lessons are not scheduled if a student is absent.

Clinic (TLC Classroom): The Clinic is open by appointment. The school attempts to contact parents immediately in the case of injury of illness. Charges are made for use of the clinic beyond one hour and no other notice will be given for this charge.

Ballet and Martial Arts are offered and information is available in the office.

Tutoring: A small group tutoring Study Skills Program is required for some students. There is a fee, and students have one period per day for most academic days. Parents will be notified in June if tutoring is required for students entering pre-kindergarten through grade eight. Make-up classes are not scheduled.

Summer Camp: Summer Camp is recommended for all students for projects, field trips, and enrichment work. Summer Camp is required for some students for academic reasons, and parents will be notified in June.

Clinic (TLC Classroom): The Clinic is open by appointment. The school attempts to contact parents immediately in the case of injury of illness. Charges are made for use of the clinic beyond one hour and no other notice will be given for this charge.

Late pick-up: There is a late fee for students remaining after the scheduled time. Students leaving the building more than fifteen minutes later than scheduled will be charged $15. If the time is 30 minutes or more later, the late fee will be $1 per minute from the scheduled time. There is an additional minimum charge of $30, or $1 per minute, whichever is more, after closing time of 6:30 p.m. Staff scheduling is dependent upon students leaving the building promptly at scheduled times.

Early drop-off: When students are left for more than fifteen minutes early, the charge is the same as for late pick-up.

Returned check fee: There is a fee charged for each returned check. The fee and balance are due immediately.

Damage to Property: Damage by the child to school property or property of others is the responsibility of the parent, and will be billed accordingly.

Book Damage Fee: The replacement cost of any book or material used by the student will be charged at the end of the year if the condition of the book or material is not suitable for re-issue. The book or material then belongs to the student.


After the Tuition Contract has been received by the Business Office billing will be prepared. Full tuition for the year is due May 1st.

Canceling Contracts:
• The registration payment is not refundable for any reason.
• Parents may cancel a Tuition Contract without incurring any additional contractual liability on or before April 1st, by making written request.
• After April 1st, a contract may be cancelled by making written request and paying agreed contractual termination damages equal to 20% of the total tuition charges contemplated by the contract.
• On May 1st or after the full tuition for the year is due.

Changing Attendance times: Parents may make arrangements before payment is due with the Business Office to change hours of attendance if the change is consistent with the age group, with corresponding changes in charges. Reduction in attendance hours may not be made in holiday months.


Payment of any balance is due on the first day of the month. Accounts must be clear by the 5th day of the month in order to avoid an agreed contractual interest charge. If any such charge remains unpaid on the 6th day of the month, it is late. All charges paid late accrue interest at the agreed contract rate of 1.5% per month, from and after the date such charge became late, until the date such charge is actually paid. Meanwhile, notwithstanding the accrual of such agreed contractual interest, parents will be asked to withdraw students when the entire account balance has not been paid by the 15th day of the month.

In the case of changes in family circumstances, a change in attendance plan may be arranged. Call Ms. Welkey in the Business Office early to make changes in a timely manner.

Upon withdrawal from school for whatever reason, the full balance of the account is due. If not paid in full, parents will be charged a monthly fee and reports will be made monthly to the credit bureau. If the school takes action for collection of school fees the parent will be responsible for costs of collection including legal fees.


The school to which the student is transferring will be sent records. Parents may request an additional copy. There is a copy fee for more than one request in a calendar year. Records will not be copied or released if there is an outstanding balance. Report cards will also be withheld if there is an outstanding balance.


In order to retain a place in school or to be eligible to re-register, students must meet the requirements of the school

Requirements include the following:
• Good attendance without unexcused absence
• Punctuality to class routinely by 8:00 am (Infant class excepted)
• Passing grades greater than 70 in every subject
• Correct and neat uniform and personal appearance
• Participation in academic, fine arts, and sports competitions when requested by the school
• Participation in all religious services
• Participation in any special scheduled events such as Evensongs, concerts, or sports events
• Participation in any student program activity requested by the school
• At least a C average in Conduct

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