At our classical school, Houston families find community and education built on wisdom and virtue.
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    A Classical School brings the culture of the Christian West and the cultivation of wisdom and virtue to our current generation of children. Western civilization is made up of three elements: the Greeks, the Romans, and the Hebrews—and these three cultures merged into Christendom. Knowledge of the stories of the Bible is essential to understanding our culture and much of literature. In a classical school, Houston students and faculty learn about God and participate in daily worship.

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    The classical approach teaches students how to learn and how to think. A classical teaching model is known as the Trivium, consisting of three parts: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Our students are early proficient readers and are ready to begin Classical Studies and Latin by Grade 3.

    In the Grammar Stage, the foundation of Latin provides an academic vocabulary, a formal system of grammar, and critical thinking. The study of the cultures of Athens and Rome, as well as Biblical and church history, provides a basis for the understanding of European and American history.

    Ancient writers taught a disciplined approach to communication and composition, appealing to logic as well as the heart. The core education of a classical person was designed to produce “the good man speaking well”. Thus was the education of John Milton, William Shakespeare, and the founding fathers of our country.

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    Saint Nicholas students study grammar, logic, and rhetoric as well as mathematics and science. Our mathematics and science curriculum comes from the world recognized Singapore Mathematics and Science.

    Prospective parents may attend an Open House to meet teachers and review our textbooks. Saint Nicholas School is a Partner Member of the Classical Latin School Association.

    Benefits of Classical Education


    Builds Individual Character


    Complete, Well-Rounded Education


    Foster a Lifelong Love of Learning


    Through classical education, we embrace the concept of holistic education. This means we educate the whole child with the belief that they are more than a standardized test score.

    Through our classical school, Houston parents have an alternative to public education. There are three main aspects of our school that set us apart: virtuous education, traditional classroom environments, and a content-rich curriculum.

    Virtuous Education

    Similar to the concept of a language immersion school, the students of Saint Nicholas School study in a virtuous, educational community within and outside of the walls of our school. In our philosophy, we believe that education is transformational with the power to promote a lifelong love of learning.

    As children grow, they require intentional, consistent, and constant reinforcement of moral character. That is why we place importance on morality, responsibility, and achievement through study in the classical tradition

    Content-Rich Education

    Through a classical school, Houston students gain exposure to a rich curriculum. From historical events to fables and myths to scientific evaluation and mathematical proof, we offer an education with depth.

    We teach our students to embrace subjects without fear and provide them with the critical thinking skills necessary to form their own thoughts. Through moderation, they absorb and learn. With courage, they question the content and think for themselves.

    Traditional Classrooms

    At Saint Nicholas Schools, we hold our teachers in high regard. We value their expertise and diligence and instill this value in our students as well. With our classical school, Houstonians have the opportunity to actively participate in their educations.

    Students never learn passively as the recipients of knowledge. Instead, they actively participate in discussions and explore subjects through their own curiosity. Through an engaging dialogue between teacher and student, they develop the courage to speak with the discipline to listen.

    Classical School Houston FAQ

    As a classical school Houston families love, we understand how difficult it can be for parents to select a school. Often, you have numerous questions about the approach to education, community, and more. Below, we provide answers to some frequently asked questions.
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    What is the classical approach to education?

    At Saint Nicholas School, the classical approach is an educational model based in history and oriented around ideas. We provide exposure to ideas in a way that helps students grow as individuals while learning the value of community. This approach has been used for hundreds of years and has produced many of the great minds across history.

    What makes Saint Nicholas a classical school?

    As a classical school in Houston, TX, we seek to educate the whole child. Moreover, we believe that students are more than their test scores. For many parents, our school is a unique choice for three distinct reasons.

    • A virtuous education
    • Our traditional classroom environment
    • A curriculum that is rich in content

    Is a classical school religious?

    Yes, our classical school falls into the religious school sector. As a parochial school, we incorporate biblical texts and training in our education model. While we offer a rigorous education, we also believe in the value of the virtues that we instill in our students.


    Saint Nicholas School is proud to hold accreditation from several trusted organizations as a Montessori School, Classical School, and Parochial School.



    Regardless of experience, background, or economic status, our students learn to value community ahead of uniqueness. Through the shared experience of learning, we recognize what makes us unique in balance with the importance of the whole.

    At our classical school, Houston students gain a model to construct a framework for their values and an enriched environment that stimulates and guides the creative, intellectual, spiritual, and physical nature of a child. Our students explore and practice their skills as they develop their talents.

    Nurturing Throughout Development

    With a nurturing attitude toward smaller children and those in need of encouragement, we help children establish independence and discipline. As a Houston classical school, it is our goal to observe your child as they mature into a person of high moral standards and integrity. With proper education, students learn to think clearly and make good decisions.

    Throughout their education, we encourage our students to develop into people who are self-aware with control over their behavior. Guided by principles, they become an individual who interacts with their environment with effective communication and creativity.

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