Our Philosophy

Saint Nicholas offers a pre-eminent intellectual, cultural, athletic, and personal opportunity. It is seen as a way of life because we recognize that the development of the intellect and artistic expression, and the development of the body and the spirit are an integral, ongoing process. This most successfully occurs when life activities at home and school are a consistent unit of experience. Central to this is the recognition of each person as a unique child of God who needs to develop individuality, who needs a model to construct a framework of values, and who needs an enriched environment to stimulate and guide the creative, the intellectual, the spiritual, and the physical.

The child explores and practices skills and talents as they develop into reality, direction, and accomplishment. The development of the personality and work-style can be seen by the development of independence and discipline in work, recreation, and projects. It is shown by caring and respect for God’s creation and all life, by showing a nurturing attitude toward smaller children and those needing encouragement, and by having respect for those in authority.

It is our goal to observe the child maturing into a person of high moral standards and integrity who can think clearly and make good choices. We hope to encourage the child to develop into a person who is self-aware, in control of himself, who has a personal vision led by principles, and who interacts with his environment and other people with effective communication and creativity.

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