A Montessori School Houston Families Trust

The Lower Montessori School provides Houston children with the Montessori education method and a prepared learning environment. In this environment, children absorb the culture. It is thought to be a natural process that develops automatically in which the child acts on his environment.

The teacher’s task is to arrange that which motivates activity and learning. The Montessori method involves creating a small, comfortable space for children to explore and learn on ones own.

Dr. Maria Montessori, a physician, took the scientific approach to education, based on observation and experimentation. Through this, she developed a set of concrete materials, which are the basis of our prepared environment.

The children in the Practical Life part of the classroom learned everyday living skills that reinforced their independence and self-respect. She observed the children’s spontaneous behavior as a method for the teacher to know how to teach. The Montessori philosophy is a systematic approach that appreciates the child’s love of work.

At Saint Nicholas School, our Montessori program is not an adaptation of traditional education. Instead, it is a fully formed method to teach and learn. In our program, our classrooms help children develop with sensory materials that encourage education through exploration and lead to abstract understanding.

Moreover, students learn how to approach new subjects with confidence. In our Montessori program, we help children grow.

The SNS Curriculum

In the Montessori environment of the Lower Elementary School, there is a larger overall curriculum of the Classical school.

  • Multi-lingual Early Literacy
  • Latin and Classical Studies
  • Singapore Mathematics
  • Fine Arts

The students at Saint Nicholas School love learning and feel confident in themselves, leading to good attendance and growth. With this method, they learn how to approach new challenges with confidence and curiosity.

At younger ages, children focus more on the self and gain more physical independence. As they grow, they develop a group instinct that encourages cooperative work within the classroom. This helps them learn more about each other and the world around them.

Freedom & Responsibility

In our Montessori School, Houston children benefit from freedom of choice and movement. Rather than sit at desks and receive lectures, children engage in initial group work and explore concepts together.

This allows the students to choose an activity and how to approach it. It also encourages them to explore, make mistakes, and try again. Of course, this freedom is not absolute. Our teachers engage the children at their level, offering as much freedom or guidance as they might need.

As they grow, this freedom encourages students to take ownership of their education. With the confidence they gain at Saint Nicholas School they are able to meet challenges and make good choices.