When it comes to the benefits of Montessori Education and classical schools, Houston parents feel quite strongly about these models. Oftentimes, parents become loyal devotees to their child’s school as they see them learn and excel. 

With centuries of history behind these educational models, they’ve seen a relatively recent surge in popularity. Today, there are thousands of Montessori and classical schools across the United States. This number has risen drastically since 2000. 

What Are the Benefits of Montessori Education?

When you choose a classical education or Montessori environment for your child, it has numerous benefits. These educational models foster independence in children as they learn at their own pace. Moreover, these models encourage empathy and compassion for others, community, and a lifelong joy of learning. 

Generally speaking, many of the benefits tie into the freedom and support that children receive. This enables them to probe deeply into a topic and make connections themselves. As such, they become self-directed learners as well as confident, enthusiastic students. 

Additionally, they attain the ability to think critically, act boldly, and work collaboratively. These skills are highly necessary for success in life. 

Value Each Child Individually

In a classical or Montessori environment, the school recognizes that children tend to learn in different ways. As such, they accommodate an array of learning styles. This enables children to learn at their own pace. 

With the guidance of their teacher, they advance steadily and are never left behind in the curriculum. 

Concentration, Order, Independence

The benefits of Montessori education stretch throughout life for many students. Beginning at an early age, classical education and the Montessori model encourage order, concentration, and independence. 

With intentional materials and daily routines, the models encourage self-regulation. This allows the child to consider what they learn and develop their own education. Overall, this is beneficial from early childhood and into adolescence. 

A Caring Community

One of the core benefits of a classical school is that it develops a caring community. These educational models encourage independence while reinforcing a familial structure. In the Montessori model, older students enjoy the role of a mentor. 

Additionally, younger children feel support, which helps them gain confidence to face challenges. All the while, teachers act as a model for respect, kindness, and peaceful conflict resolution. 

Freedom Within Structure

Oftentimes, students enjoy their freedom and independence within a structured environment. While students learn at their own pace, they follow an overall structure. 

This provides parameters set by the teacher and school. Still, it allows students to develop as active participants in their own education. 

Students Become Active Seekers of Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of Montessori education and the classical school model is that students develop a joy for learning. With these models, teachers provide an environment with the tools for students to answer their own questions. 

This internal satisfaction drives a child’s curiosity and interest. Moreover, it results in a joyous learning experience that fosters a lifelong love of education. 


As students mature, they gain the ability to look critically at their own work. This helps them recognize issues, correct them, and learn from mistakes. 

Beyond simply learning from errors, though, this reinforces critical thinking about their own work and research for years to come. As an integral part of the Montessori model, this offers students a valuable tool for life. 

Social & Emotional Skills

Another of the benefits of Montessori education and the classical school model again stems from community. When children learn in a supportive environment that encourages empathy, they demonstrate stronger social and emotional skills.

Learn More About the Benefits of Montessori Education

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