The benefits of summer camp for children are vast. At our classical school, our students have an opportunity to spend the summer learning and engaging with the community. Whether your child has a specific interest or a yearn to learn, an educational summer camp is an excellent way for them to spend their break. 

While every child is unique, summer camp has benefits for any child. Regardless of their interests, it offers them a chance to develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Moreover, it allows them to create memories and build new friendships. 

So, is summer camp right for your child? Below, we look at some of the core benefits of summer camp for elementary level students. 

#1 Building Skills Over the Summer

According to some studies, students often lose a great deal of what they learn over the summer. One of the main benefits of summer camp is that it keeps them physically and mentally active in a period where they might otherwise have limited opportunities. 

As children engage with each other on trips and in activities, they develop stronger communication skills and hone their ability to collaborate. Perhaps your child will build their decision-making skills as they face a new challenge or overcome a new obstacle. 

The skills your child develops are crucial as they grow, and summer camp is a great way to nurture them. Additionally, children develop social skills as the camp brings them together in a way that builds community. 

#2 Balancing Education & Play

Throughout the school year, children have a routine as they go to school, spend time with their parents, do homework, and go to bed. Additionally, some students have extracurricular activities such as learning an instrument or language. 

Over the summer, it’s easy for the lack of structure to leave space for new habits to form. While summer camp has a different sort of structure, it provides your child with a stable schedule that makes time for play and education. Both are essential in a child’s development as they foster imagination and creative thinking. 

One of the many advantages of summer camp is that it offers students new opportunities to interact with the world. This helps them develop new skills as they have fun. Moreover, they have a chance to make new friends. 

#3 Time Away From Screens

While there’s nothing wrong with some screen time, there can still be too much of it. In some cases, children spend over seven and a half hours in front of a screen each day. This includes mobile devices, computers, and televisions. 

Unfortunately, too much screen time reduces their time spent resting, reading, and engaging the world around them. Moreover, it has the potential to negatively impact their performance at school. 

Among the many benefits of summer camp is that it helps children connect to the world away from screens. Through thoughtful programming, students have a chance to engage their own minds as well as other kids. 

Regardless of their interests, your child has a chance to socialize in a real-world setting when they join a camp. That time away from screens is beneficial to their brain, body, spirit, and future. 

#4 Foster Growth in Mind, Body, and Spirit

One of the core benefits of summer camp is that it pushes children to move out of their comfort zone and experience something new. Of course, it’s important to engage their existing interests as well. As children build their skills in new activities, they also have a chance to develop new skills. 

Oftentimes, students leave camp with a stronger sense of self and new hobbies and interests. This has a great potential to expand their possible career paths!

#5 Intellectual Stimulation

When children spend the summer without structure, the lack of stimulation may cause them to become sluggish. However, one of the amazing benefits of summer camp is that it provides intellectual stimulation. 

Moreover, it stimulates children in fun ways that they enjoy. Often, kids have an opportunity to participate in activities they enjoy and visit places of interest across the city. 

Is Your Child Ready for Summer Camp?

Is your child ready for the benefits of summer camp? The potential is unlimited, and the influence can last throughout their life. After an active summer, your child has a new sense of independence and community within their school. 

Moreover, they develop crucial skills as well as a stronger sense of identity. Additionally, they have a chance to build memories to cherish for years to come. 

Are you and your child ready to experience summer camp at Saint Nicholas School? Sign up today or contact our office to learn more about this incredible opportunity!