6 Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

The benefits of summer camp for children are vast. At our classical school, our students have an opportunity to spend the summer learning and engaging with the community. Whether your child has a specific interest or a yearn to learn, an educational summer camp is an excellent way for them to spend their break.  While every child is unique, summer camp has benefits for any child. Regardless of their interests, it offers them a chance to develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Moreover, it allows them to create memories and build new friendships.  So, is summer camp right for your

Planning Your Child’s Education? 11 Questions to Ask

If the past few years teach us anything, let it be that planning your child’s education is essential. For every school virtual learning was a challenge. As it continued, many parents became more aware of the value of the school environment.  Moreover, they saw how important the values, content, and educational approach of a school are for a child’s future. Whether you focus on Montessori education or want to find a classical school, finding the right environment for your child is essential.  As you begin to plan your child’s education or decide to make a change, consider the eleven questions

Private School Search: 5 Mistakes Many Make

As parents start their private school search, they aren’t always sure how to begin. When you aren’t familiar with the field, it’s easy to waste time and make mistakes. However, it’s crucial to find the right school for your children.  Below, we look at 5 mistakes everyone makes when they start their private school search. Whether you want to find a classical school or a Montessori academy, we want to offer some advice to guide you in the right direction.  Here are some of the most common pitfalls people encounter when they look at private schools.  #1 Focusing Solely on

6 Benefits of Nightly Reading

With the benefits of nightly reading, kids gain a real boost. At our classical school, Houston parents often ask us about reading at home.  Often, we think that kids read far less today than they used to. In fact, some studies show that fewer than 20% of teens in America read for pleasure.  Now, it’s not always easy to have your child curl up with a good book for hours on end. Oftentimes, they lean more towards gaming, social media, texting, and exploring the digital world. However, with a mere 20 minutes, they gain the benefits of nightly ready.  20

Private School Myths: Fact vs Fiction

Some private school myths prevent parents from fully exploring their options. With the right education, a child gains the foundation necessary for future success. While we tend to focus on academics, this is also relevant for their leadership skills, confidence, poise, and more.  Our drive to give children the best start is why many parents look to private education. From Montessori schools to classical schools, Houston families want the best for their children.  However, pervasive misinformation about private education stops some parents from weighing their options. Often, they leave their kids to the public school system. That’s why we want

How to Choose a Private School: A Guide for Parents

Wondering how to choose a private school for your child? Today, parents have an overwhelming amount of choices. Per a report from the National Center for Education Statistics, there are upwards of 34,000 private schools across the country.  In some major metropolitan cities like Houston, TX, parents have hundreds to choose from. Moreover, these schools belong to an array of religious and non-religious associations. As such, each school has its own values, community, and resources.  As you wonder how to choose a private school, we wanted to provide a good guide to help parents navigate the world of private schools.