Wondering why parents choose private school? In Houston, there are plenty of options available to parents. While that means they have more access to alternative education, it also leaves them in an overwhelming situation. 

So, let’s take a look at why parents choose private school instead of public. 

Private or Public: What’s Best for My Child?

More and more, families turn to private schools. Why do they choose this option, though? 

According to Angela MacLeod, an education policy analyst from the Fraser Institute, parents “are increasingly choosing options outside the public school system” when it comes to their children’s education. 

While public schools remain the most common form of education across the United States, there’s a continued rise in enrollment at private schools. Even though education is funded and delivered differently across each state, parents continue to look to independent schools to have more of a choice in the education their children receive. 

Why is private school such a popular option for Houston families? As you might suspect, there are a wide variety of reasons families go private. While we can’t cover all of them, below, we have some of the core reasons parents turn to private schools.

#1 Learning Environment

A good, safe learning environment is essential for any student. Oftentimes, private schools have smaller class sizes, which means there’s a better student-to-teacher ratio. That means the educational environment is more intimate and allows for more student interaction, participation, and engagement. 

Additionally, it enables teachers to be more responsive to the abilities, levels, needs, and struggles of each individual learner. 

#2 Individual Growth

Part of why parents choose private school goes beyond academics. Typically, private schools place greater importance on personal growth. Parents believe it’s a better situation for both social and emotional development. 

Oftentimes, private schools highlight character education within the curriculum. Parents love that their children learn key values in addition to core academics. Often, there’s more focus on justice, responsibility, honesty, and independence. 

This has the potential to help children to grow into mature, responsible young adults. 

#3 Parental Involvement

Part of the foundation of private education is open communication between the administration and the parents. The schools prioritize parental involvement in the community. 

Between frequent social events, committees, and parent-teacher meetings, the family becomes part of the school. When parents develop common ground like this, it helps to strengthen the parent-child bond. 

#4 Academics

Typically, private schools have strong academics. Why parents choose private school over public has quite a bit to do with this focus. A stimulating educational setting helps to promote a love of learning that extends beyond the campus. 

#5 Culture & Community

The culture of a school is at the core of its benefits. Whole many public schools enroll students based on zip codes and proximity, families choose private schools based on specific details. 

There are plenty of reasons for parents to choose a private school. Each campus has a unique community and culture. However, they all prioritize certain values. Many private schools have a close-knit community that allows children to find a home away from home that is safe.

Why Parents Choose Private School: See for Yourself with a Campus Tour

When it comes to why parents choose private school instead of public school, there are many reasons. Above, we covered just a handful of examples that families chose to join the Saint Nicholas Schools community. At our private school in Houston, we provide a safe campus for education that focuses on personal growth. 

To learn more about our school, schedule a tour of our campus!