For some parents, a comparison of a Christian school vs public school becomes necessary. Oftentimes, families seek out a private Anglican school, such as Saint Nicholas School, for an education that honors their values and builds up their children. So, where should you send your child to school? 

It quickly becomes one of the most important decisions a parent makes in the life of their child. Moreover, it’s often a difficult answer to reach because it requires much consideration. According to the Bible, the responsibility of a child’s instruction lies with the parents. 

“… Bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).

Exploring Your Options

Often, parents look at the arguments of Christian school vs public school and find benefits on both sides. For some, the choice is easy because the culture of a private institution honors the values they maintain at home. Public school, on the other hand, has no guarantee of what values they promote. 

Unfortunately, as you look for a “good” school, it adds another factor to consider. Are the public schools in your area academically strong? Do they have a caring staff of teachers who are friendly to the faith of their students? 

Additionally, parents often wonder whether the tuition of a private Christian school is worth the expense compared to the public system. Moreover, public schools offer extracurricular activities in sports and the arts. These factors make the decision all the more difficult. 

However, there are plenty of reasons to favor a Christian-centered education. Below, we explore a few reasons you might opt for a private school as you weigh the debate of Christian school vs public school. 

#1 Christian-Focused Teachings

As a Christian parent, you might yourself be familiar with the benefits of public schools. There are plenty of public schools with excellent teachers and academic integrity. However, no matter how long the list of benefits grows, there’s always one thing missing. 

No public school is able to offer an education focused on Christian values. There’s no way to measure how valuable a Christian education is for a Christian parent. At our Anglican school, we offer a preeminent cultural and intellectual opportunity for your child to grow. 

We recognize the development of both the mind and the spirit as an integral and ongoing process. However, a successful occurrence of this is best achieved when the values of home and school are consistent. 

The central focus of Christian education is the recognition of each student as a unique child of God. Moreover, each student must develop as an individual within a framework of values and in an enriched environment. Through education, we offer guidance for the physical, creative, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of the whole child. 

Additionally, we reinforce this through care and respect for God’s creation and all life. In doing so, we nurture and encourage growth and respect. 

#2 An Effective Partnership Between Faith, Home, and School

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

In the decision of Christian school vs public school, many lean on shared values as a core benefit. When home and school reflect the values of your faith, it strengthens the whole child. 

As a student, your child spends 35-40 hours or more at school every week. When you compare that to the time you spend at church each week and the time you have with your child in the evenings, how much time does your child spend with these values?

Education shapes the mind and expressive nature of a child. However, it can shape far more when their school shares your values and morals. Typically, Christian schools make it a goal to walk alongside parents in the faith-based instruction of the child. 

By putting the focus on Christian education in the framework of the curriculum, the school aligns its practices to nurture the whole child. 

Additionally, it’s important to recognize that an Anglican education is not simply a full day of Bible study. Instead, it opens the door to Biblical truth within the daily experience to help provide perspective. 

Every teacher knows how important it is to take advantage of a teachable moment. However, in public school, these moments often fall to the side or lack a core value. In a classical school, teachers have the freedom to seize these moments. 

#3 Christian School vs Public School Does Not Mean Us vs Them

One important factor of the Christian school vs public school debate is that it’s not an “us vs them” moment. In a private Christian academy, parents and teachers have an opportunity to share critical knowledge about the world in many senses. 

While some parents choose to send their children to public school, others see an opportunity to align their values. In truth, the importance lies in balance and the needs of your child. Do the public schools in your area offer the resources to support your child? 

Will your child grow as a whole individual in the public school system? There are many questions to consider as you weigh your options. 

Christian School vs Public School: What’s Right for Your Family?

Instead of seeking out differences in the debate of Christian school vs public school, never lose sight of your core focus: your child. Ultimately, your goal is to find an excellent education in an environment that supports the growth of your child as a person and as a Christian. 

To see whether a private Christian school is right for your student, schedule a tour to learn more about the curriculum and campus of Saint Nicholas School.