An Alternative to Public Schools: Classical Schools

When parents want an alternative to public schools, they have options. Among these, classical education differs quite profoundly from traditional public schools. Guided by the Western canon, classical schools often orient themselves toward the liberal arts with a foundation of Greek and Roman traditions.  As we all seek academic excellence for our children, many parents find their alternative in an option such as this. Oftentimes, parents rate good teachers and strong academics as their priorities in evaluating a school.  However, they also tend to rank both safety and extracurricular activities as priorities. Additionally, many parents value their personal education and

Parent Involvement in Classical Education

Parent involvement in classical education offers a great boost to a child’s development. As a classical school in Houston, we know how important education is outside of our walls. At our school, we have a community in which families are able to share beliefs and a common worldview.  Like other schools, a parochial school functions best when parents are closely involved in the school. When parents participate in their child’s education, their participation supports the child’s future as well as the school.  As with any education, a classical education spreads from our school and into the home. Without guidance and

Singapore Math…What Is It?

The introduction of the Singapore Math method of learning changed how we teach math. In this program, we use a phase learning model. It moves from the concrete idea to the visual representation to abstract problem-solving.  Through this form of sequential learning, students develop a stronger understanding of math. Moreover, they do so without hours of unnecessary busywork. This is great for students because it removes a stressful load. However, it confuses some who drop into this style of curriculum later on.  Let’s take a deeper look at this learning style because you probably want to know. What is Singapore