What Is the Goal of Classical Education?

The goal of classical education is a simple one. However, it sometimes eludes parents as they research educational opportunities for their children. One easy way to think about classical education is to think of it as a large museum.  Throughout the building, there are many rooms filled with beauty and wonder. There’s enough that people could spend a lifetime studying everything in its halls. Moreover, a classical school invokes a long tradition in education.  It seeks the truth, goodness, and beauty of the world through grammar, rhetoric, and logic. These are the verbal arts of the trivium. Additionally, some classical

Christian School vs Public School: What’s Right for Your Child?

For some parents, a comparison of a Christian school vs public school becomes necessary. Oftentimes, families seek out a private Anglican school, such as Saint Nicholas School, for an education that honors their values and builds up their children. So, where should you send your child to school?  It quickly becomes one of the most important decisions a parent makes in the life of their child. Moreover, it’s often a difficult answer to reach because it requires much consideration. According to the Bible, the responsibility of a child’s instruction lies with the parents.  “… Bring them up in the nurture

The Benefits of Knowing a Second Language

There are many benefits of knowing a second language. While English grows more prevalent across the globe, knowing a second language offers a lot to students of all ages.  Fun fact: Did you know that English isn’t the official language of the United States? In truth, the United States doesn’t have an “official language.”  While there are many states that declare English as their official language, people across the country use hundreds of different languages to communicate. With the increased language diversity in the country, many schools now require students to learn a world language as a requirement for graduation. 

Early Childhood Education: Why Is It Important?

Why is early childhood education so important?  Children learn something almost every second. From how to use a fork to how to read, proper guidance through education makes a big difference.  Often, the achievements of children and adults in school and beyond depend on more than natural talent. Their educations help to shape them into who they ultimately become.  Aside from the acquisition of basic skills, children have to learn how to socialize, build relationships, and sare. When they learn this early on, children have a much easier time interacting with both peers and teachers.  Moreover, they acquire a stronger

What Is Classical Christian Education (CCE)?

Do you find yourself wondering “What is classical Christian education?” Oftentimes, parents who feel the public school system doesn’t share their values decide to explore private options. However, with the plethora of options available, it’s good to stay curious.  When you want to find the best education for your child, it’s important to understand the foundation of a school’s philosophy. Below, we provide some insight into a classical Christian education and answer, “What is CCE?” Classical Christian Education In the CCE model, we use methods and content to develop thoughtful, critical, articulate, and well-rounded students. As a classical school, Houston

Parent Involvement in Classical Education

Parent involvement in classical education offers a great boost to a child’s development. As a classical school in Houston, we know how important education is outside of our walls. At our school, we have a community in which families are able to share beliefs and a common worldview.  Like other schools, a parochial school functions best when parents are closely involved in the school. When parents participate in their child’s education, their participation supports the child’s future and the school.  As with any education, classical education spreads from our school into the home. Without guidance and engagement from their parents,