Parent involvement in classical education offers a great boost to a child’s development. As a classical school in Houston, we know how important education is outside of our walls. At our school, we have a community in which families are able to share beliefs and a common worldview. 

Like other schools, a parochial school functions best when parents are closely involved in the school. When parents participate in their child’s education, their participation supports the child’s future and the school. 

As with any education, classical education spreads from our school into the home. Without guidance and engagement from their parents, children are not fully equipped to grasp the rich knowledge they gain at school. 

Similarly, the values that we instill in our students are strengthened by parental involvement in classical education. When the school, parents, and teachers work together, we develop a firm structure to help children learn. 

An Involved Parent Is Essential to a Child’s Development

With parent involvement in classical education, a child thrives. Educational research suggests that a child with parents involved in their education tends to reach a better understanding of the curriculum. Moreover, it boosts their confidence and self-esteem. 

With active engagement from their parents, children tend to expect more of themselves. This helps them build confidence in their decisions, which helps to improve self-esteem. When we encourage children to challenge themselves, they strive to improve their performance. 

Additionally, parental involvement in education helps students develop stronger communication skills. It also helps to build their social skills. Every parent knows how valuable these tools are. The impact extends into their personal, social, and professional lives. 

Lastly, parental guidance coupled with support helps children reach higher. When you invest in your children, they strive for college, a better job, and higher salaries. 

What Does Parent Involvement In Classical Education Look Like?

  • Help with homework 
  • Read with them 
  • Guide their studies
  • Engage them mentally 

When a parent stays present in their child’s education, they see their child thrive. 

Parent Involvement in Classical Education

A classical school presents education in a manner that helps children develop over time. Through this classic worldview, children understand the world within the context of timeless lessons and virtues. 

Your Child’s Primary Educator

Your child’s education begins at home. As they begin to understand the world, they mimic the behavior of the adults around them. The activities you engage in at home help to shape your child’s education. 

At home, parent involvement in classical education helps to deepen the child’s understanding of the curriculum. Through guidance and by example, they learn more about the lesson from you. During your child’s young, formative years, you are the most influential voice in your child’s mind. 

What you say matters. 

Collective Work Between Home & School

While parents help their children grow, a classical school helps to reinforce and build upon their values. Oftentimes, a classical education becomes a partnership between the school and the parents. One supports the other to help the child develop. 

Active parent involvement in classical education means that your role extends beyond enrollment. When you remain proactive and committed, you forward a set of virtues that start in the home and grow at school. 

A Common Community

Often, schools ask parents to help build a connection between the school and the home. As a classical school, we invite parents to participate in an array of activities. In doing so, we foster a warm, caring community with shared principles. 

As valuable members of our community, parent involvement in classical education helps to bring out the best in their children. 

Questions About Parent Involvement in Classical Education? Reach Out!

Education begins at home. As a parent, your involvement in your child’s development is impactful. When you choose a classical education for your child, it encourages them to discover the world with virtue. 

However, your role does not stop there. Through parent involvement in classical education, you help to ensure your child gets the most out of their education. As you help to develop a community, you strengthen your child’s development. 

Are you in search of a school to partner with as you raise your child? Do you see value in hands-on learning and a classical education? 

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