For some parents, the phrase “positive school climate” might not carry much meaning. Oftentimes, a school is a place for children to see their friends, play games and sports, and learn a few things. The idea of school as a community doesn’t always cross parents’ minds. 

In many cases, students in most schools just want to get through the day, study for the next test, and stay current on their assignments. However, recent years have brought about a change in Houston private schools and public schools. 

Moreover, many classical schools (like Saint Nicholas School) are a great place to find a climate that works well for a young learner. 

What Does “School Climate” Mean?

To put it simply, a school climate is a fairly new term. Generally speaking, it refers to the character and quality of life at the school. Moreover, it includes the organizational structure, teaching styles, goals, and values that comprise a school. 

Often, this climate is the product of a school’s attention to its safety. Additionally, it is a product of any school’s efforts to promote a physical, disciplinary, and academic environment that is supportive. With a positive school climate, the school encourages a respectful, caring, and trusting relationship with everyone in its community. 

More and more, educators focus on improving the climate of a school. This helps students prepare for the increasingly complex world that students face outside the campus. 

Additionally, a National School Climate Council exists dedicated to helping schools foster a positive and sustainable learning environment for their students. In no uncertain terms, a positive school climate is essential for any school’s success and sustainability. 

What Are the Benefits of a Positive School Environment?

Research shows that a good school environment reduces the rate of drop-outs. Moreover, it helps young students develop both socially and academically. According to certain studies, the climate connects directly to test scores, graduation rates, and attendance rates. 

When schools measured strong in many supports for their communities, they were 10 times more likely to show substantial gains in math and reading. 

As you can see, a positive environment helps to imbue students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be productive and successful as members of society. We believe that a positive school community touches the hearts and minds of students. Moreover, it helps them develop a good character. 

Emotional & Physical Safety for the Community

When they have a positive school environment, students feel safe. These days, however, safety refers to physical and emotional safety. Beyond improvements to security or emergency plans, it is important to develop an understanding of how events impact everyone in the community. 

Oftentimes, proactive decisions help Houston private schools stay ahead of issues and concerns. This helps to ensure the physical safety of students. 

For emotional reinforcement, students want support and care from their schools. Moreover, they want to feel valued and respected. These days, students have a desire to have agency in their education. 

When they learn how to express themselves in a school environment, it promotes confidence in their abilities. With proper guidance, students direct the flow and pace of their education. As they grow within the school, they learn how to solve real-world issues. 

With student-driven lessons guided by a supportive, thoughtful curriculum, students make use of a wealth of expertise in Houston. This helps them make both ethical and practical decisions. 

What a Positive School Climate Means for Everyone

When you want a child to become an ethical, driven member of society, it is crucial to select a school that fosters a positive environment. This type of climate ensures that a school crafts a nurturing space for students to grow as learners and people. 

The links between academic achievement and school climate highlight the importance of choosing a Houston private school with a safe, supportive environment. With a positive school climate, students can thrive as they engage in their studies. 

Classical schools in Houston, and in particular Saint Nicholas School, are an ideal place for this type of positive environment. At our classical school, students, faculty, and parents care about the school. From our policies and procedures to the care and maintenance of the campus, we strive to craft an environment in which our community can thrive. 

When you want to find a school climate to help your child grow to lead a satisfying, productive life, look no further than our school.