Small Class Sizes: Why Is Class Size Important?

The small class sizes of a classical school are one of the main reasons so many parents opt for a private school. Oftentimes, private schools offer more individual attention because the classes have fewer students.  While many parents know that class size is important, they don’t always know the full benefits of smaller classes. Below, we take a look at a few core reasons to opt for a smaller classroom. #1 Shy Students Can’t Hide Imagine your child in a larger class with 30-35 students. Perhaps your child struggles with math. Maybe most of the other students struggle with it

Positive School Climate: How Important Is It?

For some parents, the phrase “positive school climate” might not carry much meaning. Oftentimes, a school is a place for children to see their friends, play games and sports, and learn a few things. The idea of school as a community doesn’t always cross parents’ minds.  In many cases, students in most schools just want to get through the day, study for the next test, and stay current on their assignments. However, recent years have brought about a change in Houston private schools and public schools.  Moreover, many classical schools (like Saint Nicholas School) are a great place to find

An Alternative to Public Schools: Classical Schools

When parents want an alternative to public schools, they have options. Among these, classical education differs quite profoundly from traditional public schools. Guided by the Western canon, classical schools often orient themselves toward the liberal arts with a foundation of Greek and Roman traditions.  As we all seek academic excellence for our children, many parents find their alternative in an option such as this. Oftentimes, parents rate good teachers and strong academics as their priorities in evaluating a school.  However, they also tend to rank both safety and extracurricular activities as priorities. Additionally, many parents value their personal education and

Growing Up Multilingual

In Europe and other parts of the world, it is not unusual for children to learn two or more languages in the home.  Hearing and speaking other languages is natural to them.  Infants and small children are developmentally receptive to language and carefully watch our faces, especially our mouths, as we speak to them.  It is very valuable for young children to be exposed to the different cultures and literature and they love to sing songs and listen to stories.  This is the environment that has been prepared at Saint Nicholas School.   Multilingual Early Literacy: Importance and Benefits Multilingual early

Classical Education: Everything You Need to Know

When we talk about classical education, people often imagine Greek philosophers standing out in an agora sharing ideas. In truth, it’s not far off. A classical school is akin to a large museum with beautiful rooms in which we study wonders.  This style of education boasts a long-lasting tradition that emphasizes the betterment of the individual as they seek truth and goodness. Moreover, it places a focus on well-rounded development in intellect and articulation. From grammar and logic to music and arithmetic, students learn how to study and think.  What Is Classical Education? Oftentimes, people believe this style of education