When You Read Aloud to Your Child, What Happens in Their Brain?

When you read aloud to your child, you know it has an impact on their life. Moreover, you know that it’s a positive experience. However, what actually happens in their brain?  Thanks to MRI scans, we have a better idea of what this impact looks like. According to research from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, when we read aloud to our children more often, it sets them up for literacy success. As we read aloud to a child, it changes the structure of the brain.  Additionally, it has an impact on how their brains form connections. That quite literally shapes their

The Benefits of Hands-On Learning in Children

The Benefits of Hands-On Learning in Children The benefits of hands-on learning extend throughout a child’s life. This tactile learning allows children to explore and learn through action and experience. Whether in a classical school or a Montessori school, hands-on learning helps children bring concepts into their world. For instance, if a child counts blocks or sorts objects, manipulating the physical objects helps them understand the mathematical concepts. Alternatively, exposure to the theory or idea through pencil and paper exercises might leave the idea disconnected for them.   What Is Hands-On Learning? Hands-on learning is a style of education where children