When you want to know how to keep kids learning in the summer, you’re probably worried about a “brain drain” in the summer months. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for children to forget what they learn over the summer. However, there’s a way to avoid brain drain with the right activities!

According to certain sources, children tend to lose roughly one month of instruction in the summer. While every parent values free play and downtime, it’s important to understand the disadvantage of long periods with no active education. 

Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

When we grew up, summers weren’t always full of enrichment and activity. While it’s not all bad, it’s easy to lose sight of your full potential if you stay up late watching TV instead of learning. 

It’s great to celebrate the leisurely pace of summer, but it’s always a good idea to strike a balance. 

When you know how to keep kids learning in the summer, it ensures they are prepared for the coming year. Moreover, it’s a great way to help them view education as fun. 

Here are a few tips to engage kids in the summertime!

#1 Daily Reading

Frequent, daily reading throughout the summer is crucial. If there’s any one thing that keeps your child learning in the summer, it’s a daily reading session. As kids read during the summer, they improve their reading skills while others start to falter. 

When you map out your summer routine, be sure to incorporate reading. Cracking open a book before bed is a great example. Additionally, you can scatter books throughout the home. 

As your child reads more and more, it strengthens their love of reading, boosts their skills, and gives them new knowledge. Reading has many long-term benefits that last well beyond the summer. 

#2 Practice Worksheets

Printable worksheets are an easy way to bring school materials into your summer routine. Have a few worksheets ready at specific times, like between other activities or during an afternoon snack. 

Oftentimes, these tasks don’t take very long. However, they have the benefit of keeping your child learning throughout the year.

Moreover, there are tons of free worksheets available online for every level. If you prefer a more consistent approach, check your local bookstore for activity books and workbooks. 

Another key tactic is to work in a few activities that are a little above your child’s level. While breezing through a worksheet seems great, it’s a good idea to include some challenges. Encourage your child to put in some effort and learn new things!

At SNS, we offer our students work packets and reading assignments if their families plan to stay home for the summer.

#3 Child-Focused Programs

Running out of ideas quickly? That’s understandable. However, there are tons of activities that focus on children around Houston that are fun and educational. For instance, check with your local library to see whether they offer free events. 

Often, there’s a dedicated storytime or a space for crafts. Moreover, spending time at the library encourages your child to find some new books for their daily reading sessions!

Similarly, many museums host activities centered around child education. This is a great way to view exhibits and participate in an activity. In Houston, you can visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science or the Children’s Museum

#4 Organize Your Own Field Trips

Speaking of museums, another great example of how to keep kids learning in the summer is to organize your own “field trips” for the family. Daycares and summer camps often plan outings, and there are plenty of interesting places in and around Houston. 

Kid-friendly destinations make fantastic field trips for the family. If you have the resources, try to plan one activity or trip each week. Then, engage your child about what they saw and experienced. 

#5 Enroll Your Child in a Summer Program

For busy parents, one great way to engage your child throughout the summer is to enroll them in a summer camp, like the one at Saint Nicholas Schools! Summer camps provide numerous options for activities and engagement. Moreover, it keeps your child engaged in a familiar environment and a familiar community. 

Ready to Keep Your Kids Engaged?

Now that you know how to keep kids learning in the summer, you can help your child avoid a summer brain drain! With the right engagement and a good guiding hand, your student stays ready well before the “back to school” period. 

Our focus is on continuous progress, so students can work ahead on topics for which they are ready.  Summer Camp is a good time to explore Montessori learning and individual interests. From simple activities to engaging excursions, your child will maintain a love of learning that lasts well into high school and adulthood!