What are the benefits of private school education? How does your choice of school impact your child’s life? These questions and others run through parents’ minds as they watch their children grow. Let’s explore some of the advantages of private schools. 

What Are the Advantages of Private Schools?

When you choose a school, you have your choice of educational models. 

  • Public school 
  • Charter school 
  • Online school 
  • Private school
    • Parochial or religious school 
    • Non-denominational school

Oftentimes, families ask themselves this: What are the advantages of private school? With thousands of private schools across the United States, the demand is on the rise. From pre-k through high school, they educate hundreds of thousands of children and young adults. 

Why is that? What makes private school such a popular choice for parents?

With private education, schools uniquely position themselves to offer more choices. During a challenging situation like a pandemic, it offers both in-person and virtual learning. In either environment, they challenge and nurture students. 

Moreover, one of the main benefits of private school education is how it helps children prepare for the future. Almost 100% of private school graduates continue their education through college. Among them, half of those students attend selective universities. 

Unlocking the Benefits of Private School

There are many benefits of private school to discuss. Over the past couple of years, they responded to the pandemic with a blended solution. With more resources, they offer solutions other schools cannot. 

Additionally, they offer an increased level of flexibility. Wondering whether private school is worth it

Here are a few of the advantages that stem from private school education. 


Flexibility is one of the main benefits of private school education. Oftentimes, they have better resources to offer quality educational experiences. Typically, private schools also have lower student-to-teacher ratios. 

Additionally, they boast more space that allows groups to break into smaller cohorts. In a public health crisis, this is a great advantage to protect young children. 

Moreover, private schools have the resources to invest in both professional development and technology. This allows for more effective teaching both in-person and virtually. 

Personal Values

With a broad spectrum of options in private schools, you have more opportunities to align your child’s education with your family’s values. 

  • Day school 
  • Boarding school 
  • Religious schools 
  • Co-ed 
  • Single-sex 

Unlike other schools, private education tends to be driven by a mission with a unique philosophy. Each family has the option to select a private school with a mission that resonates with them. 

Religious Schools

Religious schools address questions that a child may ask:  Where did people come from?  Who is God?  Who am I?  What is my purpose in life?  What happens when we die?

They may teach belief (creeds), praying (such as the Lord’s Prayer), and rules for living (such as the Ten Commandments given to Moses).  The Old and/or New Testaments are major sources.

Instill a Love of Learning

Oftentimes, private schools have more flexibility in how they teach students. Moreover, they have options as to how to deliver challenging lessons in innovative ways. This provides them with the “freedom to work within a framework.” 

As such, they engage students through their natural curiosity. When this happens, it fosters a lifelong love of learning. 

Stronger Bonds Between Teacher & Student

With smaller classes, private school teachers have the potential to build a stronger bond with a stable group of students. When it comes to the benefits of private school, this is key to both emotional and intellectual growth. 

With a stronger teacher-student bond, students feel understood even when challenged. 

Differentiated Learning

Another benefit of private education is the ability to tailor lessons to students’ skills, passions, interests, and curiosities. Moreover, teachers have the chance to respond and meet every child at their specific level. 

This allows them to push students with a better balance of nurture and challenge. Oftentimes, this helps students feel more confident throughout their education. Moreover, they feel more sure of themselves in their academic abilities. 

Holistic Education

A virtuous education is another of the many benefits of private school. When you build character, it celebrates virtues and characteristics such as respect, self-control, cooperation, and empathy. 

These are integral in education and life. Often, they help to foster more academic achievement and success in life. Generally, these schools recognize how important character education is. 

As such, they build it into the curriculum with intent. Why is this so important? 

  • Fosters a secure environment 
  • Students perform better with self-control 
  • Growth to become the best versions of themselves 
  • More confidence 

A Sense of Community

Another incredible advantage of private education is that you join a network of families with common goals and values. Oftentimes, parents of private school students stay involved in various school activities. 

As a parent, you have opportunities to connect with other families. These relationships allow parents to learn from and support each other. 

Additionally, the sense of community benefits the students. The school often fosters a sense of pride among students. Moreover, the affiliation with private school and the sense of community benefits students well beyond graduation. 

With a network of alumni, students go on to build relationships with alumni who work in their field of interest. 

Prepare Children for the Future

Lastly, one of the most important benefits of private school education is the future. In a private school environment, the rigorous curriculum prepares students for later education. How? 

The curriculum incorporates skills far more difficult to teach. 

  • Critical thinking 
  • Collaboration 
  • Proactiveness

Often, private schools combine challenging academic work with powerful, innovative experiences. With this, students gain modern and classic skills. When they do, they become purpose-driven leaders ready to shape the world. 

The Benefits of Private School: Is It Right for Your Child?

Now that you know some of the many advantages of private school, does it sound right for your child? 

If you want to continue the conversation, learn more about the benefits of private school in a consultation. When they visit our classical school, Houston families see for themselves how we shape young minds