How to Keep Kids Learning in the Summer

When you want to know how to keep kids learning in the summer, you’re probably worried about a “brain drain” in the summer months. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for children to forget what they learn over the summer. However, there’s a way to avoid brain drain with the right activities! According to certain sources, children tend to lose roughly one month of instruction in the summer. While every parent values free play and downtime, it’s important to understand the disadvantage of long periods with no active education.  Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer When we grew up, summers weren’t always

What Is the Goal of Classical Education?

The goal of classical education is a simple one. However, it sometimes eludes parents as they research educational opportunities for their children. One easy way to think about classical education is to think of it as a large museum.  Throughout the building, there are many rooms filled with beauty and wonder. There’s enough that people could spend a lifetime studying everything in its halls. Moreover, a classical school invokes a long tradition in education.  It seeks the truth, goodness, and beauty of the world through grammar, rhetoric, and logic. These are the verbal arts of the trivium. Additionally, some classical

6 Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

The benefits of summer camp for children are vast. At our classical school, our students have an opportunity to spend the summer learning and engaging with the community. Whether your child has a specific interest or a yearn to learn, an educational summer camp is an excellent way for them to spend their break.  While every child is unique, summer camp has benefits for any child. Regardless of their interests, it offers them a chance to develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Moreover, it allows them to create memories and build new friendships.  So, is summer camp right for your

Planning Your Child’s Education? 11 Questions to Ask

If the past few years teach us anything, let it be that planning your child’s education is essential. For every school virtual learning was a challenge. As it continued, many parents became more aware of the value of the school environment.  Moreover, they saw how important the values, content, and educational approach of a school are for a child’s future. Whether you focus on Montessori education or want to find a classical school, finding the right environment for your child is essential.  As you begin to plan your child’s education or decide to make a change, consider the eleven questions

Christian School vs Public School: What’s Right for Your Child?

For some parents, a comparison of a Christian school vs public school becomes necessary. Oftentimes, families seek out a private Anglican school, such as Saint Nicholas School, for an education that honors their values and builds up their children. So, where should you send your child to school?  It quickly becomes one of the most important decisions a parent makes in the life of their child. Moreover, it’s often a difficult answer to reach because it requires much consideration. According to the Bible, the responsibility of a child’s instruction lies with the parents.  “… Bring them up in the nurture

Montessori vs Traditional Education: What’s the Difference?

Montessori vs traditional education: What do parents need to know? What’s the difference between Montessori and traditional elementary schools?  As parents begin to look for the right school for their child, they have many questions. Oftentimes, they begin to wonder what the difference is between a Montessori classroom and a traditional elementary classroom. Moreover, they want to understand what sets the program apart and why those differences matter. Finally, they want to know which is a better fit for their child.  As you look for educational opportunities for your child, selecting a private school often depends on where you live.