“Is private school worth it?” It’s a question that many parents wonder about as the world changes around them. Hopefully, you live in a school district with generally excellent public schools. However, some parents still wonder whether their child might benefit from a private education

If you find yourself wondering whether private school is really worth it, there are a few things to consider. Often, the first thing that comes to mind is the expense. This is especially true for parents who need to enroll multiple children. 

Let’s take a look at the factors that come into play as parents weigh their options. 

Why They Send Their Kids Children to Private School

As you ponder “is private school worth it,” it’s important to decide why you want to send your kids to a classical school instead of a public school. For some parents, it’s a matter of preparation for university. Oftentimes, this depends on the type of college you want your child to attend. 

Generally speaking, the vast majority of colleges and universities focus more on these factors. 

  • Grades
  • Test scores
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Commitments
  • Accomplishments

For these colleges, they place less emphasis on the school your child attends. However, it’s important to recognize the impact that the type of school has on academic performance. 

Moreover, parents often have other reasons to send kids to private school. For example, many parents want to control the exposure their child has to certain behaviors that are prevalent in public schools. Instead, they prefer the structured, value-driven environment of a classical school. 

Because your child spends a significant portion of their life in school, parents often select a school with values that match theirs. 

Additionally, parents often enjoy the community that develops from the foundation of these values. In these cases, the benefits provide the answer for “Is private school worth it?”

Performance and Preparation

Oftentimes, parents look to the results of academic performance between public and private school students. It’s difficult to compare the academic rigor of the two systems since resources vary from school to school. However, the test scores speak for themselves. 

When your child attends a rigorous program with a thoughtful structure, they have the potential to score higher. Whether on standardized tests or within their program, performance tends to trend better with private school students. 

So, if higher schools and rigorous programs are your goals, a private school is more likely to meet your needs. 

Private Scholarship Opportunities

Many parochial and private schools offer financially based scholarships.  Parents can apply to these schools and the independent scholarship program analyzes the family’s ability to pay based on their discretionary income.  Parents who are willing to give information may be able to pay only what they can afford.  The scholarships are confidential and not influenced by other admissions information.  Private schools offer this benefit because they want a diverse student body.  

Offerings for Special Needs Students

Is private school worth it? When your child has specific needs, it’s important to examine your options carefully. 

Every parent believes their child is special. However, some parents know that their child has a special need that has specific requirements. In public schools, the district typically decides which students receive additional services. 

At private schools, some offer completely specialized services while others offer none at all. When you know your child has specific requirements to attain academic success, it’s a good idea to look for a school that meets their needs. 

In some cases, public schools provide the ideal accommodations. However, some private schools in your area may be better equipped to accommodate your child. 

Student Outcomes

In the end, the most important result for any school is the outcome of its students. How does the outcome of a local private school student compare to the public school in your area? Which more closely matches the example you want to set for your child? 

Is Private School Worth It? Why Parents Buy-In

In the 2015 article “Why I’m a Public-School Teacher but a Private-School Parent” from the Atlantic, Michael Godsey writes about his experience working in public schools and observing his child in a private school. 

In the article, he discusses the idea of “buying in.” Stunned by the tangible difference between the private school and his public school, he noticed one consistent trait among the students in private school. They took pride in their personal character and admitted that they loved learning. 

He stated, “…I’ve always found that it’s exponentially more fun, fulfilling, and productive to engage in activities with other people who have “bought in” to whatever they’re doing with the same level of enthusiasm.”

For this reason, many parents find that the answer to “is private school worth it” is yes. When your child truly develops a love of learning, they take pride in their growth. This helps them as they develop as an individual, in their community, and as a member of society. 

See the Value of Private School for Yourself

From elementary to high school, it’s important to understand how to help your child succeed. One aspect of this success is the school you choose. There are plenty of questions to ask about the resources of the school, from libraries to the teachers

However, the ultimate deciding factor is whether the school meets your needs and your child’s needs. Oftentimes, this extends beyond personal requirements and into the talents, needs, and desires of your family. 

If you want to send your child to a private school in Houston, TX, contact Saint Nicholas School today. Learn more about our curriculum and see for yourself the value of a private education.